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Primadonna Girl, yeah…image

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Hey, have you read Alicorn's other stories besides Luminosity?

i read teh spin-offs but i haven’t read anything else from Alicorn

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does anyone else have this other self they’ve created in their mind that is not really exactly you irl but is more like what you want to be and has a life that continues in your head with like weird continuing daydreams but they’re not perfect or anything and wow i forget where i was going with this


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…Near the village of Brasschaat, outside Antwerp, Belgium. The last photo shows a grotto-like cave under the mansion that may have been used as a bar in the past.

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  • am i paramore mad or my chemical romance mad

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Is there any particular reason for the drawing you have as background (on mobile)
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It’s from one of my fave artists Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. I feel bad for not crediting her tbh but i dont know how and like she’s not very famous and i kinda like that I’m relatively special in liking something obscure :p (I’m a hipster piece of shit :< ) she was credited in my Tarot asks posts though so i guess that makes up a lil bit.

Also it illustrates a beautiful duality doesn’t it? the tranquility of a unicorn and the ferocity of a dragon, together in harmony :) also it’s strikingly green!

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